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Join Learnix Global and always stay one step ahead. We offer video tutorials on various subjects based on the syllabi of prominent Indian universities.We assure you the best study materials and expert tutors. You can first watch a trial video of the subject you select. Only if you are fully satisfied you need to buy the video for detailed classes. Our lessons are precise and hence you are not burdened with wasting money on study materials you do not need. Once you purchase a video you get unlimited access to the full content.

You can log on to Learnix any time you want and study as much as you like. Access the subjects and specific topics of your choice no matter whether you are doing a regular, private or distance education course. A wealth of knowledge is delivered to you in a simple, clear and systematic way. Our video tutorials are skillfully designed to impart you a live classroom experience. But you will soon feel that it is much better than conventional classes. So stay relaxed, open Learnix and enjoy learning!