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Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully and ensure that you understand the entire content herein that governs your usage of this website. You will be asked to review and either accept or not accept the terms of this agreement. A hold may be placed on your account if it is not received according to the instructions.

For your future reference, you may print the text of this agreement.

You must accept the terms of this user agreement to be eligible to use our online program.

This User Agreement is a binding agreement between you, and Learnix Education Online., concerning the content of all online programs. This includes contents of courses, lectures in streamed formats as well as additional video or audio files, printed material, web-based delivery systems/servers and/or any other present or future delivery technologies.

If you are an admitted and registered user, you and only you may access, display and otherwise interact with the content of the specific course(s). You may not share or lend the course content.

You may NOT download those portions of the course content in full or in parts. You may not make any copies of any video lectures, video/audio tapes, or other present & future technological course supplements.

You recognize that all course supplements including video and audio courses , including present or future technological supplements remain the property of Learnix Education Online. In case there has been any down loads which has happened unknowingly, the same has to be deleted immediately in all places where it has been stored and has to be intimated to Learnix Education Online

Cancellation and Refund Policy
There would be no refund or adjustment that would be paid for under any circumstance once you course subscription has been activated. You may cancel your subscription and opt for refund prior your subscrption is being activated. To cancel your order send us a mail at or call us at +919388708070

Should you have any questions concerning this user agreement, or if you desire to contact the Office of Learnix Education Online, 34/499 D4, Green Earth Building, Poriyam Padam Link Road, Padivattom, NH Byepass, Cochin – 682024, India, +919388708070, Email: